Professional Liability

Very little in the life of any professional can be as destructive and overwhelming as a claim of professional malpractice. Expert care is required to handle not only the claim, but the client as well. Our lawyers have spent years developing the skills necessary to chart the often choppy waters produced by professional liability claims and the emotional impact they routinely have on the professional. Obviously, we believe our enviable track record in handling these matters, both litigation and regulatory, stems from our technical expertise. Beyond that, however, we also believe we succeed because of our ability and willingness to create a bond of trust and confidence with our clients, and to establish an environment where we can work together with the professional as a team.

The firm's lawyers have defended against alleged errors and omissions on behalf of a great variety of professionals, including: lawyers, insurance brokers and agents, financial planners, accountants, engineers, architects, stock brokers, veterinarians, real estate brokers, property appraisers, title agents, clergy members, travel agents, and corporate officers and directors.

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