Product Liability

Whether predicated upon allegations of defective design or defective manufacturing, product liability cases are notoriously complex and expensive to litigate. Typically, and understandably, product manufacturers zealously guard the integrity of their products. In order to be successful defending any product liability action, our firm has developed a thorough understanding of the latest developments in the law; the unique perspective of product manufacturers; the need for aggressive discovery and defense; and the equal need for a carefully formulated litigation management plan in order to properly contain litigation costs.

Our expertise in defending product liability actions includes handling local or regional matters which necessitate a close liaison with corporate counsel or coordinating counsel on actions which have a national consequence for our clients. We have a demonstrated ability to identify and retain top-quality consultants and experts, as well as the ability to ethically protect and maintain business records and trade secrets. Our lawyers have been called upon to defend the manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers of most major product categories, including: containers, drugs, food and beverages, construction materials, industrial equipment, medical devices, medical implants, tools and appliances, asbestos, automobiles, motorcycles, firearms, furniture, electric doors, sporting equipment and manufacturing equipment.

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